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Redshit et logiciels lecture codes 2D

Thursday, September 20, 2007 Redshift est un compétiteur deMobileTag (Abaxia) et de Hotscan(Wister) en France. Qui sont les partenaires de RedShift? MobileTrend, une agence de Marketing, est un partenaire de RedShift. MobileTrend et RedShift offrent le Mobile Couponing (scanner EXIO de Gavitec). MobileTrend offre aussi la technologie du … Lire la suite

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Gavitec – Mobile Marketing

Imagine a mobile phone giving your customers access to an event, representing a coupon for a hamburger or allowing a discount on gas – and furthermore, providing measurable results for each individual contact. Imagine no longer, the future has begun: … Lire la suite

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Gavitec AG mobile digit strategic partner of IATA

DescriptionFounded in 1997, Gavitec AG – mobile digit is a specialist in designing and manufacturing flexible and easy-to-use code readers for mobile marketing, mobile ticketing and mobile couponing. They are pioneers and leading innovators in creating scanning systems able to … Lire la suite

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Spanair estrena la facturación por móvil

Spanair ha puesto en marcha el nuevo servicio de Tarjeta de Embarque móvil con la colaboración de Vodafone, en la ruta entre Madrid y Bilbao. La compañía aérea tiene previsto empezar a implantar la tarjeta de embarque móvil en los … Lire la suite

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Brief description EXIO is an advanced and complete solution, including printer, display, keypad and GSM/GPRS module – able to read and process two-dimensional (2d) symbologies such as Data Matrix from mobile phone displays as well printed one-dimensional (1d) barcodes. Thanks … Lire la suite

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The NeoReader code scanning software transforms your mobile phone into a universal 2D code scanner and provides one-click access to mobile content. The NeoReader allows users to scan 2-D or 1-D barcodes from enabled product packages, ad campaigns, retail displays, … Lire la suite

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Turning “old” media into “new” media…

NeoMedia enables print and broadcast media to become interactive with their target audience using 2D bar codes and mobile networks, by-passing search engines and long URLs, avoiding cumbersome menus, replacing toll-free service and delivering real-time content that can be carried … Lire la suite

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