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FON Night in Japan

Last week FON Japan organized an event to celebrate and thank Foneros, bloggers, media and corporate partners in Japan. I introduced the event and we gave an update on FON’s success in the country, our second most popular country after … Lire la suite

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Gmail and other Google products have open access at all Fonspots

As an experiment in Fon we have opened Gmail access in all foneras. We have done this for a while now but we are now promoting this feature. This means that regardless of whether you are a fonero or not … Lire la suite

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iPod Touch et FON chez Clubic

Je vous disais déjà il y a un mois que l‘iPod Touch se manie à merveille sous un Point FON. Évidemment vous pouvez vous dire que je ne suis pas objectif. Je vous invite donc à regarder la démonstration de … Lire la suite

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Geneva: Another Home for Foneros

The City of Geneva and FON have officially announced a joint project to provide WiFi access to the city’s residents and visitors. Starting next week, 500 La Fonera WiFi Routers will be distributed to residents who have a broadband connection. … Lire la suite

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fiesta FON

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