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Yet another Ajax toolkit: Eclipse RAP 1.0

October 15th, 2007 Posted by Ed Burnette @ 11:34 am var tb1 = new CNET.Blog.Toolbar.Interact(); CNET.Blog.Toolbar.Interact.allToolbars.push(tb1); = ‘burnette_412’; CNET.Blog.Toolbar.Interact.service.contentId.push(; tb1.idContainer = ‘interact_’; tb1.title = ‘Yet another Ajax toolkit: Eclipse RAP 1.0’; tb1.emailTitle = ‘Yet another Ajax toolkit: Eclipse RAP … Lire la suite

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Is designing for the small screen more fun?

Posted by Ryan Stewart June 30th, 2008 @ 9:29 am I have completely fallen in love with my iPhone. As far as I can tell it comes as close to the perfectly designed device as possible and it seems like … Lire la suite

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Mozilla moves closer to the desktop with ‘Prism’

Mozilla has a blog post today indicating that WebRunner, the XUL-based application which just released version 0.7 and was meant as a way to give web applications their own window/desktop presence, has become Prism. Prism looks like it will enable … Lire la suite

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