Posterous unveils Post Editor 2.0: Your universal posting tool

// <![CDATA[// Posterous is not a microblog. It’s your place to post everything. Now we’ve added a simple but powerful new post editor that lets you post any combination of photos, music, video and docs, and intersperse them with text in any order you want. There are no limitations that force you to choose whether a post is for photos, video, embeds or anything else. It’s simple and powerful at the same time.

Here’s what you can do now with every Posterous blog as of today, both for posting new posts and editing old ones.

Upload any kind of photos, music, videos and documents
Select and push multiple files up in one batch, all with no additional software install.

// <![CDATA[// Image rotation, reordering and deletion
Reordering image galleries is as easy as dragging and dropping them into the order you want. Rotating images to the correct orientation is super easy, and deleting is just a click too.

// <![CDATA[// Combine and ungroup image galleries easily
Finally, sometimes you want to break some images out of a gallery or rearrange which photos are where. That’s easy with our ability to expand and combine galleries.

// <![CDATA[// Rich text and media the way you want it
Whatever you upload is automatically and intelligently mixed with the text of your blogpost in any order that you desire. Just cut and paste or drag the media to where you want in the document.

// <![CDATA[// Try it now, enabled for all Posterous sites and users today.
Now you can create and edit posts without all the hassle. What are you waiting for? Next time you edit a post, you’ll get dropped in automatically.

You can also post at any time via the web by clicking Post by Web on your Manage page.

// <![CDATA[// You asked for it, and we delivered. Posterous is about creating simple software that does what you need without complicating your life. We’ve got your back. As always, feedback, questions and bug reports are welcome at

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