Google simplifies QR code creation through service

Mobile | by Stephen Schenck | Wed Apr 7, 2010 5:07PM

2D barcodes, the kind of speckled patterns you can find on everything from a FedEx package to the back of your driver’s license, play a big role in streamlining industry. Lately, though, they’ve been popping up in more and more user-accessible places, notably in the incarnation of the QR code. Now there’s a quick way to use Google to generate your own QR codes for easy URL sharing.

QR codes contain embedded data, often in the form of a URL. You might see them on signs or in magazines, where you can use your smartphone’s camera to scan the code and pull up the website encoded within. A new hack to Google’s URL-shortening service can automatically create a QR code from one of its shortened addresses.

First you need to create a URL, which normally requires the installation of the Google Toolbar in your browser. If you use that, you’re set, but if you don’t feel like running the software, there’s still a workaround. This site connects to’s servers to let you create a shortened URL for any page you choose.

Once you’ve got your URL, all you have to do is add « .qr » onto the end and Google spits out a ready-to-use QR code. Now anyone who scans it with their phones can instantly connect to the page you’ve linked it to. Give it a try yourself!

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