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It’s been an exciting day for the team at Closely, Inc. As you may know, today we opened up to the world and launched our first product, Closely for Business.

We did this at the DEMO Spring Conference. For those not familiar with DEMO, it’s been the premier “launch pad” for emerging technology businesses for two decades. The conference brings together companies who have been invited to launch new products to a large audience of technology press, investors and industry executives. Every presenter has 6 minutes to show their product, live!

We are sincerely flattered and honored with the accolades, and some of the nice things said about us are linked below. Having the most shared/linked company profile on VentureBeat was rewarding to see, and having industry bloggers whose opinion I admire voice strong support is always rewarding.

Our entire team’s greatest excitement, however, was the rapid volume of beta invitation requests from small businesses that we’ve already received! At the end of the day, this is what matters the most to us right now. We’re all about getting close our users; helping, watching and listening intently – will drive our product forward!

If you’re in the mood to browse, Here are a few choice samples from today’s coverage:

Greg Sterling, Leading Local Media Analyst Blog Post

The BIA- Kelsey Group, Local Media Research & Conference Firm Blog Post

Venture Beat DEMO Beat Closely Story

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