Download files for ZOO project : an open WPS Platform

The ZOO Project was born to provide a technical solution to the online geoprocessing needs encountered by the GeoLabs and 3LIZ companies. The ZOO platefrom is made of two parts : ZOO server, a WPS compliant C++ engine, and ZOO client which is a JSON based javascript API built on top of OpenLayers.

The ZOO server is based on a « WPS Service Kernel » which constitutes the ZOO core system. It is able to dynamicaly load on demand various kind of services. A service could be view as a couple composed by a metadata file and the code for the corresponding implentation. The metadata file decribes all functions(s) which have to be callable using a WPS Exec Request. Services could be easily implemented in C++, Python or Perl and contains the functions of the service. Services developers should be able to implement services easily in their favorite langages without having to take care about formats of inputs and outputs for instance, storing results, this will be directly done by the WPS Service Kernel.

The ZOO client is a JSON based javascript API designed to communicate with ZOO server using a GeoJSON proxy to make use of ZOO Server input/ouptut only with Javascript and Mapserver.

Presenter: Gérald FENOY


GeoLabs SARL owner.

Two authors for this presentation :
Gérald Fenoy, Geolabs SARL
Nicolas Bozon, 3LIZ SARL

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