Google Analytics : Attract new customers with a free 75€ voucher

Dear Google Analytics User,

You already know that Google Analytics helps you gain rich insights from your website. But did you know that when you combine Google Analytics with Google AdWords search advertising, you can get even more from your website — more traffic, more qualified visitors and more business. With Google AdWords, you can easily create ads that appear next to relevant search results on Google, and target potential customers at the precise moment they’re searching for the products or services you offer.

We invite you to try Google AdWords risk-free with this 75€ introductory advertising coupon. After November 30th, your coupon drops in value to 50€, so redeem your free coupon today!

Four benefits of Google AdWords

  • Only pay for results: Your ads appear for free, and you only pay when interested users click on your ads and go to your website.
  • Control your advertising costs: There’s no minimum spending requirement, and you can change your daily budget at any time.
  • Adapt your advertising to changing business needs: Change ads for new products and promotions, and start or stop your campaigns anytime.
  • View powerful reports: Google Analytics is fully integrated with AdWords, so you’ll have easy access to detailed reports that show the effectiveness of your campaigns down to the keyword level.

Redeem your AdWords voucher in just minutes:

  1. Visit and click « Start now » to create your account.
  2. Log into your new AdWords account, and we’ll help you create your first campaign, step by step.
  3. In your AdWords account, fill out your “Billing Preferences”.
  4. In the ‘Promotional Code’ field, enter the following exactly as given: F6ND-9L3B-Q5FU-8CUP-66W
  5. Click “Save and Activate.” Now you’re ready to go live and start acquiring new customers.

To link your Google Analytics and AdWords accounts, follow these simple instructions. Use your linked accounts to better measure your advertising performance and understand how to improve your campaigns.

Your potential customers are searching right now for what you have to offer, so why wait?

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