OpenLayers at the FOSS4G code sprint

October 26th, 2009 by ahocevar

Several OpenLayers developers and volunteers gathered after the FOSS4G conference to participate in the Saturday code sprint. And guess what: a lot was accomplished! Here is a quick overview:

  • Mike Adair (DM Solutions) and Julien Lacroix (Mapgears) finished Mike’s work on a graticule control, which also brings label positioning and a utility function to format coordinates
  • Julien also started looking closer at the Refresh strategy that Kris Geusebroek (Xebia) had originally contributed.
  • Robert Coup (Koordinates Ltd.) dug deep into memory leaks and came up with several patches, all of them with memory tests. He is still working on more leak fixes, based on an original patch from Kris.
  • Klokan Petr Přidal provided a small but effective patch to support tile grids with truncated tiles at the bottom and right grid edges. This is necessary to support layer types like Zoomify, for which another patch is awaiting review.
  • Marc Jansen (Terrestris) started cleaning up the examples: he added more keywords, made improvements to descriptions and made notes about deprecated practices that some of the examples still show.
  • Volker Mische (LisaSoft) put some efforts into making it possible to drag OpenLayers maps with the moving mouse cursor leaving the map viewport (like e.g. in Google Maps). There is still some work required, but I will help Volker and this fix should be in trunk soon. On a side note: this issue is very old – ticket #39
  • Roald De Wit (LisaSoft) made the pink tiles for unavailable image tiles configurable with CSS.
  • Roald and Volker also went to the drawing board with me, and by looking at the slider of the PanZoomBar control we found a way how a new control base class could separate the UI from the map interaction. There was not enough time to do a proof-of-concept implementation, but Roald and Volker are about to do this in a sandbox. Expect more discussion on this on the dev list in the near future.
  • Eric Lemoine (CampToCamp) made an older patch that makes the LayerSwitcher configurable with CSS ready for trunk.
  • Bart van den Eijnden (OSGIS) and Eric and reviewed some tickets that were in the pipeline and put the fixes into trunk.

Having developers of several projects sitting in the same room also leads to synergies: Klokan Petr Přidal (known from MapTiler), as he was sitting next to Mike Adair (known from proj4js) coded a quick example of raster reprojection with Canvas and proj4js.
OpenLayers Code SprintKlokan Petr Přidal showing Mike Adair and Marc Jansen that proj4js can do more than just vector reprojection.

I (Andreas Hocevar, OpenGeo) did my best to support everyone who participated. Apologies if I wasn’t able to help with all issues during the sprint, but I will be available with support and advice for all the good work that was started, so it can be finished successfully.

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