New High Resolution Images in Openstreetmap available in Pangasinan

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I am proud to announce that OSM-PH received Quickbird high resolution images from DigitalGlobe.  This data donation is part of DigitalGlobe’s assistance to our humanitarian efforts.Thanks to the Openstreetmap community (especially Andy) for helping us create map tiles and host them in OSM’s dev server.


imagery bbox
Estimated boundingbox of the imagery

You can now use these images to trace roads and other geographic features using OSM’s data editors.

josm quickbird
In JOSM (OSM’s offline java editor)

potlatch qb
In Potlatch (OSM’s web-based flash editor)

This project is OSM-PH’s contribution to provide updated geospatial data to assist disaster recovery and rebuilding efforts.   Join the OSM-PH mailinglist for details on how to use the imagery.

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