Top 15 phone apps for shopping


They say there’s an app for everything. Well, when it comes to shopping, that’s mostly true. The October issue of ShopSmart, from the publisher of Consumer Reports, reveals the top 15 phone apps for shopping.

1. Coupon Sherpa finds scannable coupons for shoes, shades and even deals in your area. (iPhone; free)

2. MobiQpons finds scannable coupons from your favorite stores and blocks offers from stores you don’t like. (iPhone, Blackberry, Google Android; free)

3. Check Please lets you split the check and figure out the tip. (iPhone; free)

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4. CompareMe does the math to find the best value: the bigger or smaller carton of OJ? (iPhone; $1.99)

5. Sale Price calculates the actual sale price of an item, factoring in coupons and tax. (iPhone; free)

6. Epicurious lets you search for recipes and create a shopping list. (iPhone; free)

7. Grocery Gadget Lite keeps your grocery list online, with photos, and arranges items in the order they’re found in the store. (iPhone; free)

8. Frucall sends you price comparisons one of three ways: phone call, text or on the Web. (any cell phone; free)

9. ShopSavvy turns your phone’s camera into a bar-code scanner to find prices locally and online, then gives you a link to the site or driving directions to the store. (Google Android, also expected for the iPhone; free)

10. CardStar consolidates all your store membership, discount, club, and rewards cards so a cashier can scan the bar code right off the phone. (iPhone; free)

11. Cha-Ching tracks your spending and reminds you when bills are due. (iPhone; $2.99)

12. iTrackMine helps you track what you have and where the deals are. (Any Web-enabled phone; free)

13. Shopper helps you make shopping lists and totals up your purchases, which can help you stick to your list and your budget. (iPhone; $0.99)

14. BNB (Be Nice to Bunnies) helps you shop cruelty-free, for cosmetics and other products not tested on animals. You can also find out whether an item is vegan. (iPhone; $1.99)

15. SnapTell takes a picture of a book, CD, DVD or video game to get user reviews sent right to your screen. With the Google Android, it can scan the bar code. (iPhone, Android; free)

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