Wi-Fi Direct enabling P2P communications amongst WiFi wares, scaring Bluetooth half to death

by Darren Murph posted Oct 14th 2009 at 12:01AM

Hear that Bluetooth? That’s the sound of competition… finally. After years of waiting for some sort of serious rival in the short-range communication realm, the Wi-Fi Alliance is doing what it should’ve done eons ago. Starting sometime in mid-2010 (if all goes to plan, of course), a Wi-Fi Direct specification will be published, enabling WiFi’d devices to connect to one another without some sort of WLAN hotspot nearby. Previously, the standard was codenamed Wi-Fi peer-to-peer, as it gives printers, mobile handsets, human interface devices, cameras, laptops and a host of other wireless wares the ability to talk to one another without first consulting an access point. We’re told that devices will be able to make « one-to-one » connections or talk amongst a group, and WPA2 security will be bundled in to keep the ill-willed sniffers at bay. Call us crazy, but we get this feeling we’re going to dig this protocol — now, if only we could actually count on seeing shipping products before we’re too old to enjoy it, we’d be set.

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