Touchatag, an Alcatel-Lucent Venture, provides contactless payment, loyalty and communication solutions to operators and enterprises/verticals as well as a catalogue of contactless readers, tags and applications. touchatag uses RFID and NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, and provides a wallet for payment, loyalty and coupon services. This is complemented with a contactless management platform, the Application Correlation Services (ACS).
Touchatag also provides the touchatag developer network and APIs for application developers via its developer website
Via the touchatag website and the touchatag starter package, anyone can link real world items to the online world and start to create an “internet of things”.
touchatag RFID and NFC contactless wallet 2.0

Some references for touchatag’s contactless applications service

Touchatag presents extension of Accor Services contactless payment pilot at Wima NFC conference

Alcatel-Lucent’s touchatag and Accor Services are expanding a pilot program that provides contactless payment features to Accor Services customers. The program is extended with interactive advertising, loyalty and couponing services. Touchatag’s unique service bundles multiple applications on one contactless tag for ultimate consumer convenience. For more information on this touchatag reference, check-out touchatag extending contactless payment pilot for accor or see the touchatag Accor case study presentation for Wima NFC conference

Belgacom PingPing and Alcatel-Lucent touchatag join efforts to encourage the development of new applications for contactless payment and services

PingPing™ and Alcatel-Lucent with its touchatag™ Venture have agreed to work together to create an open model to encourage the development of new applications for contactless cards and mobile payment technology. Read the press release here: PingPing and touchatag press release

From basic service to full-fledged solutions

Touchatag provides the core ‘application correlation service’. This online service associates objects, persons or locations with an RFID or 2D barcode tag that triggers an application. This is what makes objects smart and applications easily accessible.

On top of that, touchatag provides wallet 2.0 services like contactless payment, loyalty and advertising solutions.

Enterprises and operators can alsobuild their own solutions for better information retrieval (tourist info on monument, tutorials on machines, etc.), enhanced traceability (time registration,..), or fast identification and authentication of users on top of the ACS.

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