Touchatag Mobile starter package

€ 323.95+ taxes Buy now!

1 USB reader + 10 tags + 1 Nokia 6212 NFC phone

This Mobile starter pack device bundle contains Nokia 6212 Classic (Nokia 6212 NFC) and touchatag starter package.

Nokia 6212 classic is a classically designed and durable handset featuring NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, that enables wide range of touch based actions.

The touchatag starter package, together with the touchatag service on can be used to create your Internet of Things.
With touchatag, objects can be made smart and applications can become accessible via a simple touch. Usage: From linking your toddler’s toys to Internet websites towards creating or customizing your own loyalty or renting service, the applications of the touchatag starter package are only limited by your imagination.

– Nokia 6212 Classic (Nokia 6212 NFC) (see details on separate product page)
– Touchatag starter package includes one USB RFID reader and 10 RFID tags smart stickers (see details at

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