New comScore-TMP Local Data

Screenwerk • by Greg Sterling

TMP DM/15 Miles presented Wave 3 of its local search study (n=4,000) with comScore today at the SMX show. Here are the top line data from the slides:

Primary (”first”) source for local business information:

Picture 284

All sources used (vs. primary):

  • Search: 64%
  • Print YP or WP: 62%
  • IYP: 55%
  • Local search sites: 41%
  • Local newspaper or mag: 23%
  • DA: 17%
  • Other print: 11%
  • Cell and other segments (missed the data)

Usage frequency (note social networks see greatest frequency, followed by mobile):

Picture 285

Post search behavior. What did people do?

Picture 282

Detail from the above chart (most people from IYPs called the business for example):

Picture 283

Local search market share:

Picture 286

Note the growth of Google Maps. Also note the growth of YellowBook. The study doesn’t include other sites like Yelp. It also doesn’t take account of local searches conducted on the main sites of the search engines.


  • The space is more fragmented than ever, many sources used
  • Print continues to erode as a “first choice”; IYP has grown somewhat
  • Social media and mobile are growing
  • Google Maps is now really dominant in local

Marketers need to understand consumer vertical category usage (IYP vs. search vs. local search) in order to target them properly.

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