Google Launches Mobile Local Search: More Bad News for Yelp

Last week, Google launched Place Pages, their attempt to become a top destination for finding info on local restaurants and businesses by aggregating reviews, details, photos, and maps and placing them on pages separate from a Google Map.

At the time, we considered it a potential rival to Yelp One of Yelp’s biggest advantages is its mobile presence, though. That advantage also isn’t safe from the Google hammer though. Google’s just launched Local Search for Mobile. Now you can access Google’s version of Yelp, even on-the-go.

The interface, which you can access if you’re visiting on a mobile phone, lets you browse through nearby eats, destinations, and points of interest. It will show you their key information and allows you to save your favorite places by starring them, just like you would in Gmail

The similarities to Yelp don’t end there, though. Mobile Local Search also has category browsing – lodging, entertainment, shopping, restaurants, gas, and more are split up into easy-to-navigate sections.

While a mobile version of Place Pages wasn’t unexpected, it did come very quickly. Google’s positioning this more and more as a Yelp alternative. Plus, they already launched Places Directory, an Android App with this same information, earlier this year.

Does Google intend to take on Yelp in this lucrative market? We can’t ignore the signs that say absolutely.

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