Why Twitter is Just Like Real Estate: It’s All About Location!

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Twitter is just like real estate because it’s all about location.

Online marketers everywhere are abuzz with talk of social services like Twitter and Facebook and are busy trying to create interesting ways to leverage these rich online conversations to help businesses get found by more customers.

Adding fuel to the fire is Twitter’s recent announcement that it will soon offer developers the ability to parse lat and long data from any Tweet.  This means that businesses everywhere will not only have the ability to hear what others are saying on Twitter — but where they are saying it.  This added context of “location” creates compelling scenarios whereby business can listen to people talk about needs, wants, likes, dislikes — and can proactively engage if the person happens to be nearby.

Imagine if you’re a wine merchant and you can easily monitor what people in your local area are saying on Twitter about wine.   You hear  about a guy in town who’s daughter is getting married.  He’s planning a huge reception at his home.  He needs to buy a bunch of wine.  Bingo!  You come to the rescue at the perfect time.  Not only do you sell him 20 cases of wine — but you look like a hero in the process.

Imagine if you’re a professional stone mason and you can hear when homeowners on Twitter are looking for contractors to help build new patios.  You hear this women frustrated with her current contractor.  She’s located in a nearby town and she’s looking to hire someone new.  In a matter of seconds — you reach out and offer to help.  Right time.  Right place.  Another big job for you.

For several months now, the people behind CloudProfile have been working with the Twitter and Facebook APIs to refine some truly innovative services that bring to life the magic of the “local social web” for small business owners.

The Local Social Web from CloudProfileThe Local Social Web from CloudProfile

With CloudProfile — you don’t have to be a rocket scientist or expert internet marketer to leverage the power of the local social web.  All you need is a profile for your business — just like this one — and a passion for serving the needs of customers in your local area.

As any small business owner will tell you — word-of-mouth is their most powerful form of marketing.  By using CloudProfile — small business owners not only become better online marketers, but they can harness the power Twitter to engage online conversations in a tuly local context.

CloudProfile is FREE for 30 days.  Give it a try and see for yourself how easy it is to harness the power of the local social web.

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