App Store Shootout – week 1 results

The first week of my App Store shoot out results are in.

As a reminder the competitors in this race are

  • Apple’s App Store (get app) – the generally accepted « king of the hill » of application stores
  • Nokia’s Ovi (get app ) – Nokia’s answer to Apple’s challenger, a serious competitor from the volume king of the smartphone market
  • GetJar (get app ) – the plucky outsider from Lithuania proving that you don’t have to be a major brand to be a success in driving application downloads

My experiment so far has been simple – I’ve been offering a free application for live audience interaction and voting (if you are interested in having your content or event featured in the app then contact me directly)

All applications have been available with the same promotional message and content – which is english language only at the moment, and UK focussed as the UK is the launch market, but the application is available globally for those interested in UK content outside of the UK.

So, what are initial results after the first week of being offered for sale?

  1. Ovi Store (2935 downloads)
  2. Apple’s App Store (218 downloads)
  3. GetJar (217 downloads)

What is impressive here is the scale by which Ovi beats Apple and GetJar. It’s over 10 times the number of downloads in the first week.

Let’s look a little deeper at this and understand what countries the downloads are coming from:

Leading country by application store

  1. Ovi Store – India (13% of downloads)
  2. Apple – USA (78% of downloads)
  3. GetJar (report not available)

Apple’s App Store is dominated by US downloads – while Ovi is much more evenly spread – in fact on Ovi the application has been downloaded by consumers in 127 different countries, while on Apple’s App Store it has been downloaded in just 19 different countries.

Another surprise from the Ovi statistics is different handset models that are being used. Live Talkback is offered on 3 different form factors of handset – QVGA Portrait devices – the traditional « candybar » type QVGA smartphones. QVGA Landscape devices – the email focussed enterprise devices mostly, and the new touch devices – the 5800, N97 and 5530 devices.

The QVGA Portrait devices so far have proven to be the most popular with 55% of downloads, the second most popular are the touch devices – with 34% of downloads.

There is a wake up call for iPhone developers here – if you are looking for downloads outside of the USA, developing for Nokia devices and using Ovi Store could be, based on the results so far 5x more successful than an iPhone focussed strategy.

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