Why mobile coupons will be huge in the next 18 months?

I have watched the mobile coupon space for almost 4 years now and haven’t seen a huge advancement or to correct myself I haven’t seen it getting to the stuff we were hacking around with 4 years ago.
A post by Andrew Grill has awoken my interest in this space and let me tell you this is definitely going to hot up over the next 18-24 months.
Andrew points to an article in The Times by Jonathan Birchall.
“As it loses customers to lower cost private label rivals, Procter & Gamble, the largest US advertiser, said recently it was “shifting funds where effective to coupons and consumer promotions that deliver better value”.
Bob Recchia, chief financial officer of Valassis, a third party distributor of coupons, said last week that the company had had a “good” fourth quarter in its newspaper insert business, and expressed cautious optimism about demand in 2009″
Cellfire are probably the most recognizable brand in this arena but I think that they also haven’t the model correct yet.

Cellfire still require you to enter your zip code, this is a step to far in my opinion, I think an “opt in” then to be pushed adverts based on your exact location is an absolute must.
Four years ago we were hacking with location based IMEI scanners and left it lie as we felt it was too far ahead of the curve, now with 3G getting location pretty much down to 250 metres in Europe its time to reevaluate this technology.
This is where Loopt, Locle, Google and lots of other companies will find their value not on where your friends are but where the bargains are.
Just a Sunday morning musing post but would love to hear your opinions??
Would you like an advert with a discount from say The Gap when you are within 500 metres of their store?.
If you take up the advert you get some free minutes and your carrier/The Gap share the rewards.

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