Yelp, Search Engines, Talk Local and Social at LSS

Kelsey Group Blogs by Mike Boland

Top speakers and candid talk filled Steve Espinosa’s Local Search Summit held today in conjunction with SES San Jose. Running from stage to stage I had the chance to check out at least the second half of it.

Tech A-lister Jason Calacanis gave a quality interview with Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppleman, revealing among other things, that Yelp will soon integrate real time feeds, a la Twitter. This will likely take the form of short real time reviews or experiences of restaurants and local businesses. This will supplement the longer form reviews the site is known for while feeding general demand for real time, feed-based microblogging.

The subsequent panel featured Facebook, the big three search engines (or two search engines and a “decision engine” if you prefer) and Andrew Shotland. This group likewise projected that real time conversation feeds about local businesses will soon supplement the more static local business information they currently serve. This is a concept we’ve explored a few times, and we expect to see more of it soon.

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