How did Twtapps get started and what’s ahead…

August 14th, 2009
A year ago I decided to quit my job and move to Montreal (my favorite city!) to work on different projects as part of a 1-year/no job experiment. For the first 3 months, I continued my work on YowTRIP (now part of TwtTRIP).

In January I developed Twtpoll in one night and on the next day, it was featured on TechCrunch. Then on the following week, I developed Twtvite… and it was also featured on TechCrunch on the next day. That’s basically how Twtapps was born.

From there, the list of Twitter applications like these just kept growing… (Over 30 now and not enough time to tackle all of them).

Twtpoll is now the most used feedback application on Twitter, and Twtvite is the most used for organizing Tweetups.

So, nine months later, I have developed a total of 11 Twitter applications, many of which are business related:

Who’s behind Twtapps?

My name is Felipe, you can find me at @twtfelipe and on my blog (which I haven’t updated in a while). I’m originally from Brazil. I’m a software engineer graduate from Auburn University and have lived all over the US for 6 years. I currently live downtown Montreal and I organize the Montreal NewTech Meetup.

Twtapps is coming to #boulder, #lasvegas, and #sf

Starting next week (Aug 18) I’ll be traveling to a few places in the US and I would like to meet as many people as I can. So if you have used Twtapps or if you have any interested in partnering or working with me, send me a note (more on that below).

I’ll be visiting #boulder between Aug 19-21, #lasvegas between Aug 22-28, then driving from #boulder to #sf between Aug 29-31, and I’ll be in the #bayarea until Sept 29. For complete information and for updates as I go, check out my Twitter Travel Page.

I’ll try to attend all of the events I know there, so please let me know about different events in these locations! While in California, I’ll be working out of the Plug and Play Center office in Sunnyvale.

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