What are the Google Coupon Feeds?

Google coupon feeds enable businesses to provide coupon listings that will be included in Google search results. Coupon feeds enable merchants to easily distribute coupons for free via the web. Consumers can also search for, print and redeem coupons for free. This service brings tangible value to both merchants, who can use coupons to find new customers who are very likely to make purchases, and for customers, who can find more competitive offers for the products and services that they buy.

The documents listed below explain how you can create a Google coupon feed:

  • Coupon TSV Feed Documentation – This document explains how to construct tab-delimited text files that contain information about your coupons.
  • Coupon XML Feed Documentation – This document explains how to construct XML feeds that contains information about coupons and the businesses where those coupons are valid. XML feeds allow you to provide coupons that are only available at some of the businesses in your feed. XML feeds also offer several other features that are not available in tab-delimited feeds, including the ability to specify barcodes for your coupons.
  • Coupon Feed XSD – This file is the XML schema that defines the structure of Google coupon feeds. After generating your feed, please use this schema to validate your feed before providing it to Google.
  • Basic Coupon Sample XML – This sample XML file can help you to get started quickly in building your coupon feed. It shows a complete coupon feed that contains one coupon and one business listing. The XML also contains a grouping that associates the coupon with the business listing. The basic coupon feed is best suited to merchants with small numbers of stores or small numbers of coupons. This feed structure also works well for merchants who honor all coupons at all of their locations.
  • Complex Coupon Sample XML – This sample XML file shows a feed that connects multiple coupons to multiple business locations. Rather than just connect individual coupons directly to individual business locations, this file creates collections of coupons and connects those to collections of business listings. This type of feed structure is best suited for merchants who have many coupons or many stores and also do not honor all coupons at all locations.

If you have any questions about Google’s coupon service, the terms of service or the feed format, please contact us at coupon-partners@google.com .

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