Mapzen: An easy to use editor for OpenStreetMap

At the recent
State of the Map conference we unveiled our plans for an OpenStreetMap editor: Mapzen. Mapzen is a web based map editing tool that will make it far easier for new-commers to OpenStreetMap to get started editing and creating maps. Lets take a look at some of Mapzen’s features:

In Application Tutorials

No one likes searching wikis and web pages to learn how to use a tool. With Mapzen, you learn as you map. In application tutorials teach you to map, step by step.

Mazen Tutorials

Graphical Menus

Many new mappers are confused by the large number of different road, track and point of interest types. Mapzen has an intuitive graphical menu, letting you pick out different features to add to the map.

Mapzen Menu

Context Sensitive Menus

After choosing which object you want to add to the map, the next hurdle is knowing which attributes to add. Mapzen’s context sensitive menu prompts you to add only the attributes that are needed for a particular object.

Mapzen Context Sensitive Menu

Mapzen Context Sensitive Menu 2

Specialized Junction Editing

Modeling complex junctions, with one-ways and turn restrictions can be difficult, with so many tags and relations to keep track of. Mapzen gives mappers a graphical interface that makes modeling junctions quick and fun.

Junction Editing in Mapzen

Find Out More

Mapzen is currently under active development. We’re going to be carrying out user testing over the summer – if you’d like to take part, please mail

Mapzen is open source (GPLv2) – if you are a developer, you can get hold of the source from here (right click in the window).

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