RPX : Simple connection to your website

Working as a proxy between third party identity providers and your website, RPX helps you effortlessly add single sign-on from providers like AOL, Google, Yahoo! and even Facebook. The hosted service runs in the cloud and is accessed via simple RESTful API calls.

Visitors choose from
providers they already have

When a visitor is ready to sign in or register at your website, you display the provided RPX login interface. The sign-in interface helps the user choose their provider, and then RPX authenticates the user with their provider.

The sign-in interface can be added as a popup overlay, or embedded directly into your webpage. If you’d like to build your own custom interface, that is also possible. With the popup and embedded interface the user will be presented with a provider choice like this:

Returning users get one-click login

Returning visitors will be presented with an interface tailored to their provider of choice. For example, if the user has chosen Google as their provider they’ll be presented with the following interface next time they return. Once they’ve verified their identity, RPX sends the user back to your website with everything you need to sign them in.

Quick and easy to deploy
with immediate benefits

Using open technologies like OpenID, Attribute Exchange, OAuth, Portable Contacts, and hCard, RPX is able to reliably verify a user’s identity and supply you with the registration and profile data you require. Additionally, RPX normalizes the data from various provider sources into a simple and easy to use format. Adding RPX to your site is quick and easy!

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