CityEngine to Unity: Rapid City Modelling for Game Engines

The CityEngine is a unique professional tool for creating, visualisating and exporting cityscapes. As such it is of notable use to the games industry with a quick and easy route into either 3D Max or the Unity Engine.

Unity supports a number of input formats, allowing for direct integration with the CityEngine with the following features:

* Direct model export to Unity via Autodesk FBX including textures – thus, generate’n’play your environment with a few clicks only.
* Arbitrary mesh granularities such as per-material groups or editable scene nodes are possible thanks to CityEngine’s various export options such as « merge by material » or « single node objects ». Most of these options are supported by Unity.
* Collider meshes (almost) for free: The CityEngine’s CGA shape grammar is a perfect tool to generate and control low-res collider meshes in Unity (and they always adapt to model iterations).

The video below demonstrates a CityEngine-Unity-workflow.

It is impressive how easy it is nowadays to create buildings/cities and visualise them direct via a game engine…

See for full details.

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