Everything you need to know about iPhone internet tethering:

The new iPhone OS 3.0 was released today, but was installed by many users last week thanks to the torrent leak of the iPhone OS 3.0 Golden Master. The new firmware is great, and offers many excellent new features.
The problem is, however, that due to AT&T’s incompetence, internet tethering and MMS messaging will not be available to 3.0 users until the end of the summer at best. The reason that tethering is delayed is because AT&T is still trying to form some kind of a pricing plan (to maximize the amount of money they rob from you.)
Allegedly, the pricing plan we’re most likely to end up with is $70/month for unlimited tethering. Something tells me only 7 people in all of America would actually pay $70/month for tethering. Hopefully AT&T will realize that.
All that aside, someone has created an amazing way to activate internet tethering on your iPhone 3.0, today!

Screenshots of my iPhone tethering in action:

Tether_2_1 Tether_2_2 Tether_2_3

1. Install iPhone 3.0:

On your iPhone, in the Safari browser, go to the following website: http://tr.im/oS1h

Tether_1_1 Tether_1_2 Tether_1_3

3. Go to Mobileconfigs and download

Press Mobileconfigs. Find your country, select your provider, and press download.

Tether_3_1 Tether_3_2 Tether_3_3
4. Press Install and Confirm

The message reads: « IMPORTANT: The authenticity os « US AT&T » cannot be verified. Installing this profile will change settings on your iPhone. » Changing settings is exactly what we’re trying to do. Confirm with « Intall Now ».
Tether_4_1 Tether_4_2 Tether_4_3

5. Go to Settings>>General>>Network>>Internet Tethering

Tether_5_1 Tether_5_2 Tether_5_3

7. Bluetooth or USB

Decide how you’d like to tether. Follow the instructions on the screen (it’s almost automatic).

  • AT&T could be charging you. Nobody knows.
  • Do this at your own risk.
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