Lat49 launches MapIt pushpin support for on-map display advertising

Vancouver, BC – Lat49, the leading network in online geo-contextual advertising, today officially launched MapIt, a feature to support branded icons denoting business locations, or pushpins, on online maps.  MapIt pushpins allow advertisers to drive even more traffic to their websites as well as physical locations, and complements Lat49’s highly successful on-map display advertising (Mapvertising).

Mapvertising is a fast growing sector of digital advertising which represents a unique, high-performance opportunity for brand, service, and retail-based businesses to hyper-target consumers by location.

The addition of pushpins to on-map advertising fills two gaps in existing solutions:

  1. Pushpin-only advertising solutions lack the creative canvas for advertisers to relay brand and call-to-action messages.
  2. Display-only solutions lack the ability for businesses to connect their physical locations to the ad message presented to online map users.

The Lat49 MapIt pushpin feature allows advertisers to tightly link effective display messaging with action-oriented pushpins for improved ad performance and enhanced user experience.

For example: An online map user is looking for attractions around San Francisco and sees a banner ad for Holiday Inn on their map. They notice a MapIt toolbar attached to the banner and click it.  Branded pushpins are then placed on their map to show all the Holiday Inn locations within the current view. They click a pushpin to get the exact address, and can click it again to go to the Holiday Inn site to book a hotel room.


« Lat49 continues to lead innovation in the geo-contextual and mapvertising markets,” said Keith Ippel, President of Lat49.By coupling geo-contextual display advertising with pushpins, retail businesses can truly leverage the power of hyper-targeted display advertising and the call-to-action that on-map pushpins provide. Publishers in our network gain from an ad platform that is fully integrated with the mapping experience, which then enhances the experience of their users.”

For advertisers eager for superior ad performance, location targeting, and access to an untapped audience, contact the Lat49 Sales Team at 1-866-433-5497 or sign up here.

Lat49’s latest API with MapIt is available today for publishers to integrate and join the growing list of over 120 sites in the Lat49 network. To monetize the interactive map your site, contact the Lat49 Business Development team at publishers(at), or click this link to sign up.

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