CloudMade releases Style Editor 1.1

Great news for Style Editor users: we’ve launched an updated version of Style Editor (v1.1) that makes discovering, sharing and creating new map styles even easier!

Style Editor is CloudMade’s online cartography tool for creating customized map styles.  Application developers can use Style Editor to quickly create their own map styles that give applications a unique look & feel.  Style Editor gives you complete control over which objects are displayed on the map, and how they will appear on your map at each zoom level.  Developers use CloudMade’s Style Editor to design customized maps built for a particular use.   For example, if you were building a cycling application that helps users get from point A to point B by bicycle, you’d want to highlight the cycle paths and roads better suited for cyclists while de-emphasising main roads and motorways.

Style Editor now has a style gallery for discovering new map stylesStyle Editor now has a style gallery for discovering new map styles

The most important improvements in Style Editor 1.1 is the addition of the style gallery.  Style gallery will allow you to quickly discover public map styles created by CloudMade and our community.  Style Editor also allows for private styles available only to the author, which you can view by pressing the My Styles tab on the Style Editor toolbar.  By default the map styles are sorted by popularity.  You may also chose to look for CloudMade styles which were created by professional cartographers including some by Stamen Designby clicking on the CloudMade tab.  Or you can browse the featured styles (Featured tab) which showcase a mix of CloudMade and community styles that our cartographers deem fantanstic!

The Style Editor tool bar allows for quick discovery of public maps styles for editing or direct useThe Style Editor tool bar allows for quick discovery of public maps styles for editing or direct use

Another cool new features in style gallery is the ability to sort map styles based on color.  To the top of the Style Editor toolbar is a Color Filter control.  This control will filter map styles in the gallery based on where you drag the Color Filter bar.  The default setting on the far left shows all colors.  By dragging the Color Bar towards the right, you can select only the map styles with a particular shade of yellow, for example.  In this way you can find map styles that suit the look and feel of your website or application.  Don’t forget to reset the Color Bar back to the far left when your done so that you can see all the styles again.

Each map style in the style gallery shows the style name, author and style ID.  The style ID comes in handy when coding in CloudMade’s API libraries.  You can quick change the Style ID and see a completely different map in your app!  The search bar in the far right of the tool bar allows for style searches based on style name, author or style ID.

The last new feature we wanted to talk about is the Style RSS feed.  You can now subscribe to all new style updates via RSS.  This is a super easy way to get all the latest updates to Style Gallery via RSS.  You can subscribe here.

Style Editor is open to the public and available to use as a free service here.   So go ahead and start creating your own new map styles and publish them to Style Gallery so the world can see and use them!

Style Editor Team @CloudMade

Creating new map styles is simple with CloudMade's Style EditorCreating new map styles is simple with CloudMade’s Style Editor
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