ALOQA Delivering Next-Generation Mobile Location Services

The Aloqa platform takes a new and innovative approach to solving the issue of real time, privacy aware, multi-body position tracking and notification. Based on our current deployments, we have proven the technology can scale to millions of simultaneously mobile people and objects that have complex inter-relationships that need to be deciphered and tracked in real time. There are three sets of smarts built into the platform:


  • Intelligently decide when and how accurately user positioning is needed
  • Pre-filter services based on rough positions when tracking multiple users to simplify computation
  • Make the service aware of user location only when user follows up on opportunity


  • Using « zones » around a user to filter down relevant set of services in the vicinity
  • Pre-fetching relevant events for each service the user subscribes to within the user’s current zone and as they approach nearby zones
  • Matching services to users across the reduced set of locations and services


  • Don’t wait for the user to initiate a « pull » for information or an event
  • Instead, push opportunities to an « always-on location services inbox »
  • Allow users to manage levels of intrusiveness of these proactive alerts (ring, vibrate, lights, quiet)

The ALOQA platform has three fundamental capabilities we believe mobile location services need to be successful:

Scalable Real Time Monitoring

Aloqa enables applications and services to track user location in real time for millions of moving (or stationary) objects. We do this extremely efficiently with minimal power and bandwidth requirements, thus enabling many such apps to run simultaneously. We support an entire range of position-finding processes such as Cell ID, GPS, WLAN and GSM fingerprinting and seamlessly transition between these technologies, using hybrid positioning strategies where beneficial.

Dynamic Matching

Based on the relationships between these objects and their relative positions, Aloqa dynamic matches which services might be relevant to which user in real time e.g. if a user has chosen to use a service that lets them know when they are close to a Starbucks or an ATM or a gas station. Aloqa can enable several types of position based service scenarios.

Proactive Notification

Aloqa can push content or interesting « events » to the user based on where they are and services of interest to them. The user can control the level of intrusiveness from a silent notification (e.g. a coupon is available in my vicinity) to a phone call (e.g. my child has left their safety zone)

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