The OpenStreetMap State of The Maps 2009 conference

The OpenStreetMap State of The Maps 2009 conference took place in Amsterdam last weekend. I plan to publish at least one separate related story, meanwhile Stefan Knecht, who submitted a story named « You shall not remit OpenStreetMap », writes « from the do-not-bash-the-crowd-department: Ed Parsons recaps the SOTM ’09, citing Muki Haklay‘s updated comparison of OSM (OpenStreetMap) vs UK OS (Ordnance Survey) Meridian 2 data. The original article from August 2008 was widely cited as a proof of feasibility for OSM and misleadingly shortened as « the quality of the [OSM] data is comparable and can be fit for many applications ». To make a long story short: OSM is getting better compared to 2008 but still OSM is far from professionally reliable. Read on at United Maps’ blog. » Also related, Yahoo! will « have removed all proprietary place data by 2010 and will make their data open ». See also numerous related stories below.

Industry: Routing With Open Standards and OpenStreetMap 4 comments [+]

An innovative project, called OpenRouteService, shows how « volunteered geography » and OGC standards can be merged together. This project respond to the need for a « public-owned » routing service. From the article: « is the first routing service that uses OpenStreetMap data and provides those through the standardized interfaces specified by the OGC within the OGC Open Location Services initiative (OpenLS)« . This project has been implemented by the Research Group Cartography, Department of Geography, University of Bonn. The application works from Denmark to Italy. See this article for more information. Update: 09/30 21:17 GMT by S : Fixed gignacnic summary’s source name.

OpenStreetMap in Baghdad and Other Locations [+]

When I show OpenStreetMap to friends and colleagues, I systematically talk about its coverage in Baghdad. Ogle Earth just did a comparison of the major webmapping sites specifically for Baghdad with screenshots. As much as OpenStreetMap is surprisingly great in some areas, a user comment reminds us it varies a great deal on the location, such as in this Turkish region: Live, Google, Yahoo, OpenStreetMap. See also related stories below.

Canadian GeoBase Data to be Imported to OpenStreetMap [+]

The OSGeo-Discuss mailing list made me aware of the ongoing efforts to import the Government of Canada’s geodata directly in OpenStreetMap. Needless to say, this would suddenly greatly enhance Canada’s geodata in OpenStreetMap. From the wiki: « The October OpenStreetMap Foundation meeting was held Tuesday 28 October 2008. The encouragement of GeoBase and their enthusiasm for OpenStreetMap led to their legal analysis of the licenses and a finding of compatibility. It was proposed that the GeoBase data be included in OSM based on the license compatibility and the aligned GeoBase and OpenStreetMap goals of providing free geospatial data to as wide an audience as possible. The proposal was passed by the board. The OpenStreetMap community, the OSM Foundation and particularly Canadian contributors to the OpenStreetMap community have anticipated this announcement for some time. I’m sure that you will all join me in thanking GeoBase, the Foundation and the Canadian points of contact for their patience, persistence and vision. Scope: The importance of this announcement is hard to over-state. The agreement between GeoBase and OpenStreetMap marks the contribution of government data from the second largest country on the planet, the largest country in the western hemisphere and the country with the longest coastline on the planet. The GeoBase data set is rich and diverse including the National Road Network, National Hydro Network (surface water), Geopolitical Boundaries, Elevation data and Satellite imagery. The scope of this contribution is unlikely to be surpassed in geographic area. » See also related stories below and our full OpenStreetMap coverage here. In other recent OpenStreetMap geonews, TMR links to a TechCrunch article about the growth of OpenStreetMap.

OpenStreetMap vs. Google/TeleAtlas Street Coverage 1 comment [+]

Off The Map offers an interesting entry on worldwide comparison of OpenStreetMap vs TeleAtlas street coverage­. From the entry: « Alex’s original assessment was that OSM is slightly ahead of Google/TeleAtlas worldwide and in in Africa and Asia. In Europe, OSM is well ahead. Google is slightly ahead in Oceania, and well ahead in North and especially South America. » See also previous related stories below or use a search.

OpenStreetMap Edits in 2008 Visualization [+]

An anonymous voxel writes « An animation showing edits to the project during 2008. All edits are shown as white flashes on the globe and you can clearly see the extent and intensity of work during the year, as well as the bulk imports of data. » A search will reveal the numerous previous stories about OpenStreetMap.

Android Getting Navigation With OpenStreetMap Data [+]

The EiS offers links regarding Google’s Android getting free turn-by-turn satnav via AndNav2 and OpenStreetMap and OpenRouteService. From the Earth is Square summary: « An article on PocketPicks and GAB about an navigation application for the Android enabled mobile phones called AndNav2. The application uses street data from the OpenStreetMap project and can give turn-by-turn directions in Germany, France, Denmark, United Kingdom, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Austria & Ireland. » See also related stories below.

Calendar: State Of The Map 2009 Conference in Amsterdam – Registration Open [+]

Martijn van Exel writes « Registration is now open for State Of The Map 2009. State Of The Map is the annual international conference hosted by and revolving around OpenStreetMap, the free editable map of the world. The summer of 2009 will see the third edition of this conference, to be held in Amsterdam on July 10-12. For the first time, the conference will spread over a full three days.

Previous editions, in 2007 in Manchester and in 2008 in Limerick, attracted a crowd — OpenStreetMappers and others — from all over the world and renowned speakers from the likes of Google, Multimap and AND, to name a few. This year’s conference will see an extra day — Friday — dedicated to the theme of commercial viability of OpenStreetMap. Prominent professionals in the GIS and general IT industry, as well as politicians, will speak about and discuss current questions relating to this theme: ‘What is the real value of geo-information?’; ‘How can crowd-sourced initiatives like OpenStreetMap compete with commercial offerings?’. This will make for an exciting conference for anyone involved in geographic information.

OpenStreetMap is a free editable map of the whole world. Since 2004 it has been made by people like you. It allows you to view, edit and use geographical data in a collaborative way from anywhere on Earth.«  You’ll find *a lot* of previous OpenStreetMap-related stories with a search, some manually copied below.

OpenStreetMap News: 100,000 users, Awards and Licensing [+]

A few interesting new entries about OpenStreetMap. First there’s the great news that OpenStreetMap now surpasses 100,000 registered users. In the provided graph, the curves are going up exponentially, which is obviously good. Via the same blog, we learn OpenStreetMap won two Linux New Media awards: « The free Internet geographic mapping service OpenStreetMap won recognition in the Most Innovative Open Source Project category. » The EPSG4253 blog runs an entry on the license difference and media coverage in the Philippine between Google Map Maker and OpenStreetMap: « Another important thing is OSM allows you to use it for commercial purposes and build services around the data. You can get the “source” for free, build applications and sell them in any scheme you like. » It seems OpenScales now also supports OpenStreetMap. We mention very frequently news about OpenStreetMap, see related stories below.

Technology: OpenStreetMap 3D [+]

The Anything Geospatial blog has a very interesting report on OSM usage. From their summary : « An interesting update from Germany – a first prototype is available for entire Germany  – Integration of OpenStreetMap and Digital Elevation Models and their use by means of interoperable GI-Web Services- In the context of the research project ‘Geodata Infrastructure 3D’ the open geodata of OpenStreetMap (OSM) and the elevation data of the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) were used for the development of a 3D Geodata Infrastructure (GDI-3D) based on open web service standards of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). Entire Germany was used for a first test case. A Web 3D Service (OGC W3DS) is providing the data as a 3D scene graph to the client.  See more or see this latest update of services here « 

OpenStreetMap Maps Extension For MediaWiki [+]

Via Twitter iirc, the Wikimedia technical blog informs us of the intention to add OpenStreetMap maps to Wikimedia projects. From the entry: « We now have a clear plan of action for getting OpenStreetMap maps embedded in Wikimedia wiki (e.g. Wikipedia) pages: * Wikimedia will set up a database to mirror the OSM data (Planet.osm). * Wikimedia will set up its own rendering infrastructure for rendering tiles & other maps from the OSM data. * The existing MediaWiki extensions for displaying OSM data in a MediaWiki article will be improved to work acceptably in production on Wikimedia servers. » See the related stories below.

Technology: OpenStreetMap Migrates to PostgreSQL and PostGIS Support in Upcoming MapInfo Pro v10 [+]

Two good news for PostGIS, the geospatial module for PostgreSQL: first OpenStreetMap is moving to PostgreSQL from MySQL: « The devil is in the details. When asked: does MySQL support spatial, transactions, full-text? the MySQL answer is « yes », « yes », « yes », but the reality in production is not nearly so clear-cut. Note that OSM is not using PostGIS for the main database at this time (their current data model of nodes and ways wouldn’t get much leverage from it) but it is used for other processes like OSM tile generation. » The other good news are from APB where we learn MapInfo Professional v10.0 will have support for PostGIS: « * MI Pro v10 will offer direct native access to PostGIS without the need for any middleware. * Support for PostGIS is also being added to our MapInfo EasyLoader tool. EasyLoader is a freely downloadable tool for managing bulk uploads of MapInfo tables into a database system. » See also related stories below.

Industry: White House Website Using OpenLayers 1 comment [+]

Christopher Schmidt of MetaCarta who is one of, if not the chief developer of OpenLayers just made the following announcement on the OpenLayers Mailing list :

A map put together by the white house using OpenLayers, including stories of people who are « delivering on change ». »

I am a big fan of OpenLayers and am happy to see them getting this kind of penetration. I think it’s also worth noting that OpenStreetMap data is used as the basemap, which is also a great accomplishment for them.

Introduction to OpenStreetMap Webcast 1 comment [+]

We regularly mention OSM, but this might still be of interest to many: Between the Poles links to an ‘Introduction to OpenStreetMap’ 45-minutes webcast. The intro: « This presentation will introduce you to the breadth and depth of OpenStreetMap and related projects. You will learn why you should care about maps, how OpenStreetMap is beating every other map, and see some of the amazing things that are being done with OpenStreetMap data and software. The presentation will bring those with little or no OSM experience up to speed quickly and show how to use OpenStreetMap to make the maps you need. » See also previous stories below.

Industry: OpenStreetMap Sends UK Volunteer Mapper To Antigua [+]

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