map rendering

Draw any map, in any style, at any size, in any projection, with any fonts, on any platform.

Portability. CartoType runs on a range of mobile and desktop operating systems.
XML style sheets give complete control over appearance.
Automatic lettering. Label overlap suppression. Full choice of TrueType and other fonts.
Pluggable data accessors allow you to use your own data format or CartoType’s own compact format.
Automatic routing: a route can be displayed as an overlay with directional arrows.

Perspective and rotation allow CartoType to be used for navigation displays.

Create maps. Data can be imported from ESRI shapefiles and OpenStreetMap data.

CartoType is available now for desktop Windows, Windows Mobile (5 & 6), Symbian OS and iPhone. CartoType is owned and developed by Cartography Ltd (e-mail us).

News: latest features and more

route fly-through demo

Screen shots
Demos for Windows Mobile, Symbian and desktop Windows
SDKs for evaluation and non-commercial use
Documentation: the API, how to make your own maps, style sheet and data formats

Latest stable revision: 966.

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