OSM2Go is an editor for openstreetmap.org map data. OSM2Go is designed for simplicity and user friendlyness and not for maximim feature count. It is meant for simple mapping on the road.

Take your n810 out and mark your favorite restaurant on OpenStreetMap, enter your childrens playground to the database, map your entire neighbourhood or just correct this OneWay that recently changed direction.

Screenshots from different versions:

V0.1: Main Screen

V0.4: Object details including main tag view

V0.4: Tagging with JOSM presets

V0.5: WMS layer selection using onearth.jpl.nasa.gov

V0.5: Using landsat background image

OSM2Go currently is an early work in progress but starts to be useful to the end user. Please be careful with these initial versions of OSM2Go as they allow you to alter the openstreetmap.org main database.

The current version includes:

  • Down- and upload from and to openstreetmap directly from the device
  • Editing of tags (e.g. to name an object)
  • Create, modify and delete nodes and ways
  • Join nodes and ways, cut ways
  • Move stand-alone nodes as well as nodes forming a way/polygon
  • Clear and simple map view
  • GPS track display and live GPS view
  • Download of WMS data (e.g. satellite images) as background images
  • Uses JOSMs presets.xml and related icons for tag presets
  • Project management
  • Ability to work with josm elemstyles incl. some custom potlatch and mapnik like styles

OSM2Go is available from the maemo.org/extras repository. Find the changelog here.


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