Fujifilm’s FinePix Real 3D camera to launch in September, cost around $600

by Nilay Patel, posted Jul 12th 2009 at 9:02PM

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about Fujifilm’s FinePix Real 3D camera, but as the twin-lensed shooter nears that scheduled September release some more details are spilling out — including the price, which will be « around $600 » at launch. Yeah, it’s steep, and that’s not all: to properly view the images you’ll need to either shell out for special prints with a plastic lenticular lens on it or buy a special stereoscopic LCD photo frame, and none of that really screams « cheap. » Honestly, our instinct would be to spend all that scratch on a good DSLR or even something like the Olympus E-P1, but there’s always a chance Fujifilm’s about to reveal the public’s deep-rooted desire for 3D snapshots. We’ll see — anyone dying for one of these?

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