What does it take to make a layer

A layer consists of three parts: The layer definition, the list of POIs (Points of Interest) and each individual POI.
  • Layer definition: To make a new layer, developers have to define the look and feel of the augmented reality layer. Many parameters can be fully customized, such as branding, color scheme, titles and the POI indicators. In addition, filters can be defined that the user can set to narrow or widen the search for POIs.
  • POI list: When viewing a layer in the augmented reality view, a list of POIs for that layer and location is retrieved from the external developers’ application server. The developer has all the freedom to decide which points are relevant in the current context for the user, e.g. depending on the time of the day and the filter settings by the user.
  • The POI: Each POI contains information that is displayed on the screen as soon as that POI comes into focus. For each POI, actions can be defined such as go-to-URL and make phonecall. This allows the user to interact wih the developer’s application directly.


The layer definitions are created on the Layar Provisioning website and stored in the Layar database. The web interface will allow developers to set all the attributes that make the look & feel of the layer. It will also allow the developer to manage the publishing process of a layer. Once published, the end-user will be able to view the new layer in the Layer Gallery inside the app.

After choosing a layer and switching to the Augmented Reality view, the Points of Interest (POIs) are requested based on the current GPS position. The Layar Server forwards this request to the application server of the layer developer. The Layar API will enable developers to expose their POI database. The call (HTTP REST) will contain all parameters necessary to determine an appropriate response, such as geo-coordinates and filters set by the user. The developer’s application server should return a JSON document containing the list of POI’s. These POIs and their information are displayed in the AR view in the app.

By selecting a specific POI, the user can view additional information by requesting a mobile web page directly from the content provider.

In summary, a layer developer needs to create a layer definition via the Layer Provisioning Website and expose a web service (REST) that can be called by the Layar Server using the Layar API and optionally expose (made-for-mobile) web pages for further action on each POI.

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