Userful Multiplier™ – 1 computer. 10 users.

Userful Multiplier: 10 users from 1 computer

Userful Multiplier takes 1 ordinary PC and turns it into 10. Just install the Linux-based software, add monitors, keyboards and mice – and you can support up to 10 independent users at the same time on a single computer.

  • Save 80% on hardware cost
  • Save 70% on support and maintenance costs
  • Save 90% on electricity use
  • Save 80% on electronic waste

Userful Multiplier has been revolutionizing low-cost, high performance desktop computing since 2002. Used in over 100 countries, and over 400,000 multi-user stations sold, Userful Multiplier is the ideal solution for many industries. It doesn’t need any configuration; you’ll be ready to go after a simple installation.

Don’t run Linux? Then Userful Desktop™ is the solution for you. It includes the operating system as well as over 40 applications in over 30 languages.

How Userful Multiplier works

Userful Multiplier turns 1 computer into 10

Modern desktop computers sit idle while we check our e-mail, surf the web, or type a document. Userful Multiplier takes advantage of this unused computing power to create a low-cost, high performance, and environmentally efficient alternative to traditional desktop computing.  Up to 10 independant stations all share the resources of a single computer at the same time. Since computer usage consists of short bursts of CPU activity, each user has access to the full power of the multi-core processor. When more than one user needs the processor at exactly the same time, the computer splits its resources to perform all tasks equally quickly.

Wonder how to set it all up? Learn how to turn 1 computer into 10.

External Link: Download Userful Multiplier Specifications (PDF) Download: Userful Multiplier Specifications (PDF)

Get into green computing

Userful Multiplier saves money, reduces administration burden, and helps the environment. We’ve saved our customers millions of dollars on hardware costs, millions of hours in installation and maintenance, and tens of thousands of tons of CO2.

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