TerpNav: An OpenStreetMap application for navigating pedestrian-based areas – Laura Slivinski

Datesam., 11 juillet, 14:45 – 15:00
DescriptionThis study examined specific features to incorporate into a community-sustainable navigation system to attract further participation from the community. In order to do this, we designed and commissioned the construction of TerpNav, an online navigation system for the University of Maryland College Park campus and an application of OpenStreetMap. The primary feature of this system is the ability to find routes across a pedestrian-based area. Because a focus of this study was community sustainability, OpenStreetMap data was chosen as the base for TerpNav’s geographical information. Another focus of this research study was to attract the participation of people using wheelchairs. Based on information gained by interviewing several people who use wheelchairs on the University of Maryland campus, a filter feature was implemented in TerpNav with options to avoid routes with stairs, steep hills, or other obstacles. Other features were included as well to invite general community participation, such as the ability to write notes, report errors, and add or view events. A survey was conducted which found that users were generally satisfied with TerpNav and its features. This shows that TerpNav is a useful application of OpenStreetMap to a college campus, and demonstrates its potential for application to other pedestrian-based areas.
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