Rendering OSM Maps in your Browser – Tels

Datesam., 11 juillet, 14:30 – 14:45
DescriptionThe current available maps (based on OSM data) all use the « slippy map » technology, e.g. they show the user pre-rendered tiles, where the style of the map can only be influenced by choosing a different tile set altogether. Various applications exist for rendering custom maps, but these all make (sometimes complicated) software installations nec., often run out of memory when rendering larger areas, and are thus only for a small group of experienced users. Thus the idea was born to create an application that is as simple to use as possible, for as much people as possible and still allows the maximum freedom when creating maps. This talk will present an AJAX application that runs in your browser and can render custom maps without software installation. Topics also include the difficulties that were encountered, what works and what not, as well as a look into the future.
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