What is CodeRun?

CodeRun is a browser-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE), built on top of the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). It allows programmers to easily develop, test, deploy and publish code online, without requiring powerful hardware or complex software.

Currently supported languages:
C#/.NET (3.5), PHP (5.1), JavaScript and HTML

Currently supported databases:
Amazon SimpleDB and SQL Server 2005

What can I do with CodeRun?

CodeRun provides an all-in-one solution for online software development and deployment:

  • View, modify and run code without having to download it to your desktop
  • Search the fastest growing collection of runnable code examples from within the IDE
  • Create new projects, or upload existing code online
  • Edit code with syntax-coloring and code completion
  • Compile managed code applications
  • Debug client / server code with your browser
  • Deploy applications to the cloud with a single click
  • Manage your deployed websites and databases in the cloud
  • Track code versioning with built-in SVN support
  • Publish your own code links and allow others to branch from your code

Visit the product screenshots page to see how these features look like in the IDE:

Can I download my code and use it offline?

Sure you can. You can also use SVN to track versions between your desktop and the CodeRun IDE.

Can I still use my current desktop IDE?

Yes. CodeRun is fully compliant with industry-standard file formats such as Microsoft Visual Studio project files. You can iterate between your desktop and CodeRun as much as you like.

Will others be able to see my code?

Only if you choose to allow them. CodeRun does not automatically publish any of your content.

Which browser is best suited for the CodeRun IDE?

Firefox is the fastest one around, but it also works on Internet Explorer.
Chrome and Safari support will be added in upcoming versions.

I have more questions. What should I do?

We’d love to hear what you think!
Leave us a message at the the forum, or contact us directly at support@coderun.com

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