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Yahoo! offers some cool tools that let you play with web content and enrich it with geographical data. Placemaker finds geographical information in texts or web addresses and lets you display the new-found information on maps. All of this is pretty easy to use for those who love to deep-dive into code and play the API game on the web.

As preparation for an upcoming tech talk about Placemaker I thought I’d have a go at making this a whole process a bit easier. A day sick at home, a dash of YUI and some PHP later, you can see the result: GeoMaker. In just three steps you use content to create a copy-and-paste map to include in your pages. Check out the following screencast to see GeoMaker in action:

As you can see, adding the website address as a URL parameter can shorten the process: Another nice-to-have: getting the locations marked up for you as Geo Microformats.

I’d like to get your feedback and once everybody’s happy, the source code will be made available on GitHub so that you can host it yourself.

Chris Heilmann
Yahoo Developer Network

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