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I work with many small businesses who need new, creative ways to cut through the social media clutter — I’ve already recommended to several companies and my entire blog audience — that they give a try.

-Sarah Browne, Guru of New

Full Tweet Ads

Send out a full tweet to a specific city or many cities at once.

Screenshot: Full Tweet Ad

Each city has thousands of followers. For $5, you can send an advertisement to all of them. We only send out one Full Tweet Ad a day to each city, so your message gets premium exposure.

THIS IS LIKE: a radio ad.

full tweet button

List Sponsorships

Add your message to one of’s local trend lists. sponsored city

Four times a day, sends out the current top local trends to over 130,000 followers in almost 70 cities. Target one of those cities or all of them by attaching your name to one of the local trend lists for $2.

THIS IS LIKE: underwriting or event sponsorship.

list_sponsor button

How Advertising on Works

Advertising is easy. First, create an account in the left column. You’ll be given 6 FREE credits just for doing so. Once logged in, you’ll enter in your advertising information

  1. Full Tweet Text (only for Full Tweet Ads). If you are buying a Full Tweet Ad, this will be the text that gets sent out.
  2. A sponsorship phrase (only for List Sponsorships). The phrase to associate a list with (for example, ‘Denver Nuggets’).
  3. A sponsorship link (only for List Sponsorships). The URL your sponsorship phrase will link to from the web site.

With that info in our system, you can either buy Full Tweet Ads or buy List Sponsorships. You’ll also choose the dates you want to advertise.

Each Full Tweet Ad and List Sponsorship costs a certain amount of credits. You can buy credits (and receive free ones), when you sign up for an account.

It is going to seem really easy to do. This is because it is. filters and collects Twitter trends by city, providing people with a list of what’s going on and being talked about around them. A couple of times a day, we tweet these targeted lists out to our 132,210 followers in 67 cities across the world.

Full Tweet Ads

Once a day, we send out a full ad to each of our 67 cities. When you buy the ad slot for that city, your message gets sent out to a targeted localized list of Twitter users. Advertising on is the only way to tweet directly to a local Twitter audience.

Screenshot: Full Tweet Ad

You write text for an add, choose the city and day you want your ad to run, and we’ll send it out to all that city’s followers.

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List Sponsorships

Additionally, each lists can be sponsored. Sponsoring a list offers you a unique opportunity to get your name out on Twitter to people in a specific city. sponsored tweet

You sign up ahead of time for the lists you want to sponsor (say, all the Boston lists for one day); and we attach the name you specify to those lists.

caption arrow sponsored city

In addition, each tweet links back to the main list, where your sponsorship and a link to your website is prominently displayed and attached to that list forever (we archive all our lists).

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Full Tweet Ads: $5 each

List Sponsorship: $2 each

Like radio advertising, advertising on works best in blocks. So, for example, you could sponsor an entire week in a city — 4 tweets a day for 7 days — for $56. Or buy a Full Tweet Ad in each of our 67 cities for one day for $335.

Fine print

Now Presented in Full Print Size!

Sponsorship phrases, Full Tweet Texts, and URLs should be appropriate for all ages, so please, no adult content.

All transactions are handled through Paypal.

If you have any questions about the sponsorship process, please feel free to contact us at

To advertise on create an account.

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