Google Fusion Tables [Fast Batch Geocoding]

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Google Fusion Tables [Fast Batch Geocoding]

« A fast an effective way to batch geocode spreadsheet data. »

World Cities Population in Open Office
Take some data, with no geographic information. Upload to the New Google Fusion Tables and Map it.

Some spot checking of data in location – as geocoding is not an exact science.
World Cities with population checking locations

Simply import the data will then give you access to ‘Map’ the data.

Automatic Batch Geocoding
Then the real magic of automatic batch geocoding on the fly – you can visually see the data being placed on the map.
All within a few seconds – then whole process takes less than 30 seconds [based on 606 cities] though only 1-200 markers are display at one time.

And to finish it off – it is easy to create a simple thematic map.Population Summary Thematic Map

Suggestions, would be nice to be able to overlay the thematic map [based in flash] over the Google Map (or creating gpolygons).
Sharing with the option of embedding and link to would be convenient.
*Note currently in Google Labs things will change.

A nice tool with great potential has unique features and powerful visualization functions.

Google Chart meets Google Maps with Google Spreadsheets binding them.


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