About Jolicloud

The Product

Jolicloud is a new operating system for netbooks. The OS provides a beautiful interface, an application directory and a set of social features that make it easy and fun to use.

If you are a media, click here for screenshots.

The Story

The idea of Jolicloud started in summer 2008 when Tariq KRIM started thinking about the possibility to build an « organic » laptop, a combination of the greenest technologies and a fair trade production. This device would run an Internet operating system and replace existing costly software with their web alternatives.

After travelling around the world to meet manufacturers, designers and industry friends, Tariq decided to drop the hardware to focus only on building the Internet OS. He was later joined by Romain Huet and Tristan Groléat, two young developers who shared his vision. They spent a few days drafting the blueprint of what an Internet OS should be. They decided to buy a few netbooks, refresh their knowledge of Linux and rented some office space in the Montorgeuil area of Paris.

Thanks to the help of a network of developers, kernel hackers and designers, they worked hard to release their alpha version.

Jolicloud is always looking for smart and talented developers, designers or evangelists. If you like what we do and want to join the team, contact us.

The Team

The team thanks Adam McDaniel for his kernel hacks, Ian Hart for the early Jolicloud design, artist and designer Pierre-Alexandre Loy for the amazing Logo, Michaël Villar for helping us designing the alpha version, Matthew Gertner for his help on Prism. Thanks to Jules, Arnaud and Laurent @ typhon.net for hosting Jolicloud.

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