Narwhal: Standard Library that implements ServerJS

Narwhal “a flexible JavaScript standard library” is now live thanks to:

  • Tom Robinson’s Jack: the web server and web application/framework agnostic interface, similar to Ruby’s Rack and Python’s WSGI. Narwhal was conceived while building Jack, and was later extracted into it’s own project.
  • Kris Kowal’s Chiron: a system of interoperable JavaScript modules, including a type system, base types, general-purpose functions, events, encoding, decoding, hashing, and caching.
  • George Moschovitis’s Nitro: a web application framework built on top of Jack.
  • Kevin Dangoor’s getjs: a JavaScript package manager for ServerJS implementations

Put this all together and you get Narwhal, which conforms to the ServerJS standard. It is designed to work with multiple JavaScript interpreters, and to be easy to add support for new interpreters. Wherever possible, it is implemented in pure JavaScript to maximize reuse of code between platforms.

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