Freeware: JoikuSpot Light – Share Your Internet With Other Devices

Imagine your sitting on the bus, train, or at the DMV and your bored out of your mind. You want to bust out your iTouch or Playstation Portable cuz your N82 just isn’t enough for you. But your limited to what you can do because theres no Wifi connection available. Connecting to the internet and browsing the Web is impossible without a hotspot.

Not with JoikuSpot. This amazing and free application for your Nokia N82 allows you to share your internet connection and transform it into a Wifi hotspot. So once you have this application running on your phone, another device can find it and see it as a WLAN connection and use it. This great idea just furthers my anger for the lack of 3g support here in the United States. We still have to rely on an Edge connection.

Here is a video of JoikuSpot being used with the iPhone. The internet looks really slow in this video and I can assure it’s not that slow. Something must’ve been wrong with the connection, but either way he got it to work…

Keep in mind that right now this application is still in beta and under testing so there are a few quarks. Multiple connections to your hotspot are allowed and there is no way to set a password. Others will be able to see your connection and use it. I’m finding that a handful of people don’t have success in connecting there devices for whatever reasons. There are still bugs in this application.

03/16/2008 - Share on Ovi

As you can see from the screenshot above of my home laptop I managed to connect to JoikuSpot with my N82. Once I fired up the program my laptop found the connection pretty fast. Everything connected fine, but once I started using the connection on my laptop it would drop after about 4 minutes. Really odd, but I know this application is still in beta so these types of things are expected. The internet speeds were just what you’d expect from an Edge connection. Not slow but not fast.

Obviously this application has great potential and will be one of the most loved applications for Symbian S60. There are bugs to be worked out and the developer has addressed this need and will work out the kinks with future updates.

Make sure you have an unlimited data package with your carrier because this application uses a ton of data.

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