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Version 2.0, Build 647 – Feburary 27, 2007

Studio™ is a powerful 3D modeling and animation application for professionals and beginners alike. Studio is optimized to create 3D content for delivery in a standard Web browser using open Internet standards. If you’re a modeler or animator you can import your models from Google Sketchup and Autodesk 3ds & Maya, among others, into Studio with a free converter. Then you can add interactivity and prepare your scene for Web delivery.

Studio is available for Microsoft Windows PCs, uses OpenGL rendering, and supports the entire X3D standard, including advanced X3D features, such as Prototypes and Scripts.

New Features
• Import Google Earth (.KML/.KMZ) files from Google Earth, Google Sketchup and Google 3D Warehouse.
• Import avatars from Avatar Studio 2.0 (only English version tested).
• One-button Upload to Media Machines Virtual Gallery.
• Extrude 3D Text from 3D fonts.
• Cubic Environment Maps.
• Dynamic Manipulation Widget: directly translate, rotate, scale objects (F6 key to activate).
• Tree window can now be floated and repositioned.
• Added MouseSensor support.
• Resizeable Script and ProtoBindings windows.
• Imports ElevationGrids data (non-editable).
• Imports six types of TriangleSets.
• Supports IMPORT/EXPORT statements.
• File thumbnail previews for .x3d, x3dv, and .wrl files.
• Duplicate command now available in the right-click menu.
• Improved the Field and ROUTE property pages.

Animation and Interactivity
• Animation Editor with sliding Timeline.
• Animations are controlled by the Studio Trigger System.
• Cut and Paste Animation Keyframes.
• Touch, Drag, Keyboard, Visibility, and Proximity Sensors.
• Sensors and Animations can Trigger other events.

Studio has support for Scripts. You can edit the Script in the simple Editor Window, and you can use the Interface GUI to edit the fields on the Script.

• MultiTexture Creation Wizard.
• Bump Map Texture generation Wizard.
• Environment Map generation Wizard.
• Simplified and Advanced MultiTexture GUI.

• Simple Cookie Cutter Extrusion.
• Swept Surface; A single cross section transformed at each Spine Vertebra.
• Sculpted Surface; Different cross sections transformed at each Spine Vertebra.
• Surface of Revolution.
• Extrusion Nodes provide NURBS Surface option.
• Powerful 2D Cross Section Editor.
• General Indexed Face Set Mesh.
• NURBS Surfaces.
• Subdivided Surfaces.
• Text Node support.
• Wireframe Mesh option.

Native X3D Support
• Group, Transform, Anchor, Billboard, Collision, Switch, LOD.
• Box, Cone, Cylinder, Sphere, Extrusion, Text, IndexedFaceSet, IndexedLineSet, NurbsPatchSurface.
• TimeSensor, TouchSensor, VisibilitySensor, ProximitySensor, KeybourdSensor, PlaneSensor, CylinderSensor, SphereSensor.
• PointLight, DirectionalLight, SpotLight.
• Appearance, ImageTexture, MovieTexture, TextureTransform, Material, MultiTexture, MultiTextureTransform, TextureCoordinateGenerator.
• Viewpoint, Background, Fog, NavigationInfo, Sound, Inline.
• ROUTE, Proto Instance, Proto Declaration, External Proto Declaration, Script.

• Full support for MetaData, and a MetaData editor.
• Full support for Movie Textures.
• Inline Nodes and EXTERNPROTOs are rendered in the Editor Window.

X3D Prototypes
Full support for X3D Prototypes
• You can construct the Prototype Body using the established content creation tools.
• You can use the Interface GUI to edit the fields in the Prototype Interface.
• You can bind the Interface fields to the fields in the body (IS, connect Nodes ) using the powerful Prototype Interface to Node Bindings dialog.
• Prototype Instances can be manipulated with the Prototype Instance field value editor. • Prototype Instances and Prototype Definitions can be render inside the authoring environment, depending on the Display Settings.

Full support for External Prototypes.
• It has a friendly Prototype browser that shows you all the Prototypes inside the files in the directory, and lets you select which Prototypes you would like to Instanciate.
• The interface of the Prototypes is automatically extracted from the source file, and used for the External Prototype definition.
• External Prototype definitions can be rendered inside the authoring environment, depending on the Display Settings.

Character Modeling and Animation
• Supports Single Mesh Avatars.
• Mesh Vertex Envelope Editor to Bind Mesh to Joints.
• Provides Prebuilt Skeletons.
• Cut and Paste avatar behaviors.
• Joint limits enforced.
• H-Anim Naming Convention supported.
• Mirror Avatar Utility.

Mesh Editor
• Includes powerful Tools that let you sculpt your shapes.
• Texture Coordinate Generation Tools.
• Sphere of Influence Tool.
• Mirror Utility
• Subdivided Surface support integrated into the Mesh Editor.
• NURBS Surface support, with a NURBS Surface Editor.
• Boolean Operations, including Extraction, Intersection, and Union.

2D Layers
• Studio has support for the new 2D Layer feature in X3D.
• You can construct content that is aligned with a corner of the screen.
• You can work in Pixels, or in real scene units.
• Also, there is a new Font Style that produces perfect 2D text including anti aliasing, so it looks identical to 2D text in a typical html page or word doc.

Advanced Editing Features
• Basic Cut/Copy/Paste of Nodes.
• Copy and Paste Appearance (Material, Texture, MultiTexture, and Texture Transform.).
• Copy and Paste 2D cross sections.
• Cut/Copy/Paste Mesh Triangles in the Mesh Editor.
• Copy/Paste Translation/Rotation/Scale ( ability to paste one channel, or all three ).
• Cut/Copy/Paste/Substitute Character.
• Copy/Paste Character behaviors.
• Copy/Paste Animation Keys.
• Copy VRML or X3D ASCII text of the selected Node hierarchy directly into the Windows Clipboard.

File Import and Export
• Imports VRML and X3D.
• Imports KML files using the Media Machines, Inc, KML to X3D converter.
• Imports and Exports a wide variety of standard 3D file formats using the Accutrans Translator.
• Exports interactive 3D scenes as VRML and X3D.
• Exports non-interactive AVI and animated GIF files.
• Exports static snapshots as JPG, GIF.

Integrated Internal Browser
• Internal Browser Debugger. Single step through time.
• Create Viewpoints dynamically inside internal Browser.
• Take Snapshots inside Browser.

• Animated Camera Wizard.
• Animated Text Wizard.
• Integrated HTMLHelp system.

• FTP Wizard automates moving your content to your server.
• Infinite, adaptive Undo/Redo with History Window.
• Hierarchy Tree Window.

Configurable Views and Layouts
• Save and Recall Views and Layouts.
• Perspective or Orthogonal Views in the editor.
• Configurable Grids.
• Many Easy to Use View Manipulation Tools; including Mouse Wheel Zoom and Pan.

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