Aerial Photography

EUROSENSE owns a fleet of four modified twin-engine survey aircraft. Most of these aircraft have two or three camera and scanner holes.

For precise navigation all the aircraft are equipped with the Computer Controlled Navigation System (CCNS) linked to Global Positioning System (GPS) and Radio Data System (RDS) receivers. Trimble 4000 SSI receivers are used during differential GPS (dGPS) missions.
The missions are prepared using the World Wide Mission Planning (WWMP) system. This system allows fast and accurate mission planning.

EUROSENSE owns six Leica RC30 cameras with Forward Motion Compensation (FMC) and Angular Motion Compensation (AMC).

Dual camera set up inside EUROSENSE aircraft

Leica RC30 camera

A complete series of high resolution lenses (f=8.8 cm, 15 cm, 21 cm, 30 cm) all with largest diaphragm (aperture), f/4, is available at any time.

EUROSENSE also has a complete, fully equipped, modern laboratory for the development of both colour positive, colour negative and black and white aerial films.
Colour and B&W contact prints and diapositives are produced on equipment, providing continuous dodging for maximum detail of the original film.

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