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Socialight on the Discovery Channel

Socialight was launched as a fun, interactive online community that lets its users connect the physical with the digital in totally new ways – by creating, sharing, and discovering virtual ‘Sticky Notes’ of digital media fixed to specific geographic locations. … Lire la suite

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Picture This: You are Here.

Stacey Higginbotham, Friday, February 29, 2008 Skyhook Wireless said today it will provide its Wi-Fi-based location awareness technology for users of Locr software who want to automatically add geographic information to their photos. Although fun, like many location-based services that … Lire la suite

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Iriver’s W10 PMP detailed further, runs Windows CE

Posted Jul 5th 2007 1:25PM by Darren Murph iriver’s delightful W10 is looking better all the time, as just a fortnight after being showcased on the firm’s teaser site, it’s now drawing attention to the iriver Europe portal with a … Lire la suite

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23 million Wi-Fi access points

To pinpoint location, WPS uses a massive reference network comprised of the known locations of over 23 million Wi-Fi access points. To develop this database, Skyhook has deployed specialized vehicles to survey every single street, highway, and alley in 8,000 … Lire la suite

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Hybrid Positioning System (XPS)

XPS is a hybrid positioning engine that integrates the Wi-Fi Positioning System from Skyhook Wireless with other complementary location systems. The XPS engine provides a single location source to applications and services while at the same time leveraging the strengths … Lire la suite

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How it’s Architected a WPS Syste

There are two major components to the WPS system, the Mobile Location Client (MLC) and the WPS Location Server. The nature of the interaction between the two components and how often they communication depends on the deployment model that is … Lire la suite

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Overview of WPS : WiFi positionning System

To see Skyhook’s Wi-Fi Positoning System in action, view a demo now: What is WPS? The Wi-Fi Positioning System from Skyhook Wireless is a software-only location platform that provides 20 meter positioning accuracy to any Wi-Fi enabled mobile device. Unlike … Lire la suite

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