Google Phone : more than a rumor!

It’s in August 2005 that first rumors of Google phone have been diffused on the Web following an article of the New York Times. The cell phone is the new vector of the Internet and all the Web leaders want the best places. New recent elements seem to confirm the preparation of Google Phone. A new conquest for the web giant…

Google buy companies having a know-how in mobile technology
As usual, when Google wishes to seize a new market, the firm repurchases companies to have a better technology.
Thanks to its financial power, Google prefer to repurchase rather than to innovate in order to increase its leadership.
However Google acquired in the two last years four companies specialized in the mobile applications:

  1. Dodgeball : repurchased in May 2005, Dodgeball allow to link people via SMS and MMS. It’s a kind of social network via the mobile.
  2. Android : repurchased in August 2005, Android is specialized in software for mobiles.
  3. Skia : repurchased at the end of 2005, Skia is specialized in the graphic engines for mobiles.
  4. Reqwireless : repurchased in January 2006, this Canadian company is specialized in the browsers and software for equipment without wire.

These companies allow Google to propose a complete offer for mobiles. Moreover, Google deposited a patent in June 2005 about mobile technology.

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